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TJD partners with Zing Ocean Conservancy to bolster Arctic water cleanup initiative

Sunday, February 10, 2019
TJD partners with Zing Ocean Conservancy to bolster Arctic water cleanup initiative Like1


A Trip worth A Cause with TJD and Zing Ocean Conservancy

TJD and Travel4APurpose (TFAP) have partnered withZing Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization working towards cleaning Arctic waterbodies. The partnership, effective immediately, was established after discussion between the two entities that established the mutual aim of protecting the natural beauty, ecosystem and marine life of the Norwegian Sea, and the wider Arctic Ocean.

“As real travelers it is our responsibility to find ways and create opportunities for ourselves and for those who are traveling to protect our oceans,” said Michelle Karam, founder of TJD and TFAP. “As a lover of Mother Earth, it is our duty as humans to respect the seas we cross for our pure escape. In return, we need to unite and help each other conserve our marine life and support one another. This is why, TJD has united with various NGOs close to my heart,” continued Karam.

When viewed from a distance, the shorelines appear pristine and untouched, but upon closer inspection of the islands in the Norwegian sea, thousands of tons of plastic are apparent. Every month we venture out on ocean cleanup expeditions, often as a celebration marking a new partnership. Voluntarily, everyone does his or her part to help alleviate the damage to our precious waters.

Each cleanup excursion results in the removal of approximately a metric tonne of plastic marine debris. “In just a few hours we have managed to make a difference! We then head back to warmth, welcoming Tromsø Island and hauling the debris safely away to a trash management plant.” says Jonas Legernes, Co-founder, Zing Ocean Conservancy

Travelers joining TJD trips to Norway now play a huge role: a percentage of TJD’s proceeds, the TJD Norway Series, is donated to Zing Ocean Conservancy. Donations go towards ocean cleanups, resulting in an average haul of almost 1,000 kg per group, and towards further building the program’s infrastructure and frequency.


TJD Mini Series to Norway happen 4 times a year.

Michelle Karam

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